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Experienced Attorneys for

Head Injury and Concussions

Primary Practice Areas

NCAA Concussion Litigation

NFL Concussion Litigation

Catastrophic Personal Injury

Class Actions


Securities Litigation

Mass Torts

Patent Infringement                                                 



We cover a wide range of cases in state and federal courts across the country.  The cornerstone of our practice is catastrophic personal injury cases, class actions, mass torts, and complex litigation, including breach of contract, protection of intellectual property, and securities fraud.

Many of our clients suffer permanent disability and debilitating illness due to personal injury.  They lose functionality at home and in the workplace.  Faced with emotional changes and wage loss, they seek compensation and restitution. 

Our team of lawyers has decades of experience assisting clients when they most need help and navigating the road to recovery.  A complex legal case can demand months or years of preparation and strategy.  We are here to lead victims through the litigation process and achieve favorable results on behalf of our clients. 

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